Class Descriptions

Yoga Shanti offers a wide range of classes. Overall, it’s important to know that in a class you take at Yoga Shanti you will never be asked to contort your body.

You won’t be asked to push past your healthy physical and mental limitations – but you will break new ground nonetheless! The goal is never to bind yourself to some outer limit. Instead you will be asked to practice a pose any amount.

Beginner’s Club

This offering is for anyone new to yoga or Yoga Shanti. For More Details & Registration.

Level 1

Level 1 classes step it up a notch. It’s a perfect bridge between Beginner’s Club and Shanti Open.

Shanti Open

This class is for anyone – from avid headstanders to those with a foundational knowledge of yoga. Each teacher has their own style and approach to teaching, making this class ideal for students who are open to diving into the wide world of what yoga has to offer.

Shanti Flow

Shanti has a fresh perspective on Flow. It’s not just about sun salutations. These flow classes are designed for students who feel the urge to move seamlessly from one posture to the next with the grace of a dancer and the mindfulness of a yogi.

Shanti Sweat

This is not just any “get your sweat on” — this is Shanti Sweat. This is a way to get an intelligently sequenced class that is a vigorous workout, and wraps up with some sweet, sweet restoration.


These classes are like black diamonds, and they include a more advanced syllabus of postures. To be prepared for the more difficult terrain it is especially important that a student know how to monitor his or her own limits here.

Urban Zen

In a world of constant overwork and over stimulus, it is imperative to find a sanctuary. This groundbreaking class is open to anyone who needs a little TLC! It offers premiere restorative yoga sequences plus aromatherapy, reiki, breath awareness, and meditation. No yoga experience is necessary. Please come in comfortable clothing and we’ll take care of the rest.

In Gratis

Gratis means free, and infers a gesture of gratitude. It is the perfect name for our 4:30pm Summer-Friday Free Class. This class will be taught by recent Advanced & 200-hour graduates of Yoga Shanti’s teacher training program. In Sag Harbor these classes are called “Community Classes”.

Community Drop-In

Please look for our Community Drop-In classes on the schedule. All students are welcome to these Shanti Open classes for a reduced rate.

Prenatal Yoga

Are you feeling the quickening of new life, and looking to practice yoga that is sequenced to build your strength and endurance for labor, delivery, and motherhood? Then come to this class! We will address common prenatal conditions, and lead class at a pace that will leave you feeling strong, glowing, and restored.


This class is suitable for beginners through advanced students. We will work through half of the primary series of Ashtanga leaving time to explore and surrender within each pose. Start your day out right with a balance of sweat and submission that will leave you feeling awake, resurrected and ready for anything.