An Entry Point To Service

By Tracey Toomey McQuade, January, 2017

“Yoga is a collection of endless numbers of little entry points into mindfulness.” – Richard Freeman

We talk a lot about service in the yoga world. Ali Cramer, a teacher here at Yoga Shanti, often says, “If you’re feeling helpless, help someone.”

I love the simplicity and brilliance of her suggestion, and agree that we would all feel better if we helped others. But sometimes the suffering of the world feels overwhelming. We don’t know where to start. Where’s the entry point?

As I’ve tried to navigate how I might best make a difference in the world, I’ve often felt paralyzed. As part of my prayers every night, I used to ask to please be of service. I felt I wasn’t pulling my weight in the world, and it was weighing on me. Finally, one night, a voice inside me said, “Then do more! Start something! Join something! Stop waiting for it to come to you, and go out and make it happen!”

I felt struck. I mean, Duh! What was I waiting for? So I teamed up with one of my favorite women, Joyce Englander Levy, and we are teaching a class to benefit other women who need our help. On Wednesday, January 25th, we are leading a class to benefit Safe Horizon.

Safe Horizon is an organization based here in NYC that envisions a world free of family and community violence. They empower victims of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking, and help them move “from crisis to confidence.”

I couldn’t be more excited to partner with one of my best friends at my most treasured space in the city for such a worthwhile cause. Sometimes the entry point isn’t easy to find. You need to create a portal, and figure out a way inside. I still feel like I’m not doing enough. But it’s a start, and hopefully we can help generate some positive change for our sisters. Consider this an opportunity for you to get involved helping others along with a community of generous and thoughtful yogis. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Safe Horizon. Come flow with us!

Tracey Toomey McQuade

Tracey Toomey McQuade is a writer and yogi who loves to bridge the gap between the ancient practices of yoga and life in the present moment. A founder of Breathe Repeat she's passionate about helping her fellow Modern Yogis "put a little east in their west."

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