Urban Zen Restorative Yoga

@ Yoga Shanti NYC

This groundbreaking class is open to all! The path to renewing, restoring, and healing for people who are exhausted, anxious, or stressed has come to Yoga Shanti. Yoga Shanti’s Urban Zen Integrative therapists offer a a wonderful one-hour session of restorative poses, aromatherapy, reiki, breath awareness, and guided meditation. Whether you are recovering from an illness or you just need to be treated with TLC, this class is for you. In a world of constant overwork and over stimulus, it is imperative to find a meditative sanctuary. Come join us in this inward healing journey and have at least one hour a week when you are completely cared for! There are no pre-requisites.


  • Pricing options can be found here
  • You may Drop-In to or use Class Cards to take Urban Zen classes
  • We are also thrilled to announce an Urban Zen Monthly Unlimited Membership for and FREE Mat Rental is included!!

Please note…

  • Class sizes are limited, so please pre-register online for the classes to ensure your space
  • You must cancel any class within 24 hours or you will be charged a $25 fee
  • The use of hands on adjustments, reiki, and essential oil applications are used in this class. Kindly let the teacher know beforehand if you prefer not to be touched in any way.

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