The Weekly Practice Package: $50

Zoom Yoga with Colleen & Rodney!

Zoom Exclusive During the Month of May Only!

The Weekly Practice Package Includes:

  • Real-time access to three 11:00am live-stream Zoom yoga classes with Colleen & Rodney each week.
  • A recorded guided meditation by Colleen & Rodney (MP3 download).
  • Weekly stick-figure vinyasa sequence sheet by Rodney Yee (PDF download).

How It Works

1. You need to purchase this package on a Sunday or Monday, and you will be charged on that day for the week just beginning. This is exclusive and only for the month of May.

2. This package includes all 3 of Colleen and Rodney’s 11:00am Zoom classes that week (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday). You will automatically be signed up for these classes and will receive a Zoom link 15 minutes before each class—so you won’t have to go through the hassle of signing yourselves up each time. Please note: The Zoom classes are only available in real time to be LIVE streamed, not for download afterwards. The MP3 and PDF are downloadable and yours to keep.

2. Every week we will send you a freshly recorded meditation by Colleen and Rodney and an extra bonus of a stick-figure sequence (with timings) for you to practice. They are developed by Colleen and Rodney and drawn by Rodney.

3. The package is $50 per week and there is a two-week minimum commitment to our weekly practice. Your package will auto-renew each week. After 2 weeks you may cancel your auto-renewal if you choose, by emailing

5. With the meditation and the home practice outline, you have them 5 days a week.

If you are sold that this is the deal of the lifetime, purchase The Weekly Practice Package today! Please email with any questions.

Purchase the Weekly Practice Package

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