Alexa Keller

Alexa Keller’s love of yoga can be traced back to a single moment that changed the way she conceptualized the body. In this moment she realized that the physical body actually holds memory, and that yoga has the power to unearth the layers of movement and sensation, action and reaction, that crystalize over time to shape the physical form. Alexa takes inspiration from the concept of embodied memory, in her practice, teaching, and especially in her continued study of yoga.

This idea was the topic of her Masters thesis from the American University of Paris, and is the reason why she is perusing a second graduate degree in Acupuncture from the New York
College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Alexa is certified in both Integral, and Kundalini Yoga. As she studies with Colleen and Rodney, she feels the layers of knowledge she has acquired
over the years integrating and transforming into something truly deep and coherent. The greatest source of joy in Alexa’s life is her family, especially her daughter, Avital who inspires music, lightness, and profound depths of gratitude.

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