MIssy Cottone

Missy began practicing yoga in college around 9 years ago. Her practice began as a physical practice where she loved exploring different shapes and developing full body strength. After college, she began practicing more regularly and she discovered the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga as well. She was amazed at how yoga helped still her overactive mind and helped her see things more clearly from many other perspectives than just her own.

She knew fairly quickly that she wanted to teach yoga eventually, and in 2017 she had the opportunity to learn from her teacher’s teachers, Rodney and Colleen, at Yoga Shanti. Everything about practicing yoga and teaching yoga feels like it fits for Missy. Yoga feels like home. In June 2020, she completed her advanced 300 hour teacher training at Yoga Shanti.

Her classes focus on sparking curiosity and she encourages everyone to explore every pose in a fun and novice way. She emphasizes alignment and building each pose from the ground up. Her classes vary from dynamic and creative flows, to precise and minute movements.

Missy has a background in environmental education and is currently a graduate student studying Public Health and Nutrition and is often working in her vegetable garden, cycling and hiking. Just like with yoga, she values the whole dynamic system of the environment, food production, nutrition/health knowledge, food/environmental justice and plans on integrating these ideas to contribute to a more just society.

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