Sophie Hwang

Sophie Hwang was born and grew up in Seoul, Korea, and is now living in NYC. Yoga has been a big part of her life for over 15 years. The practice has helped her to be stronger, flexible in her mind and body and inspires her to be present and truthful in every moment. As she practiced yoga, she realized the importance of correct alignment to keep her body safe, calm the mind, and breathe freely. Sophie views alignment as a tool that can be explored through seeking balance in her life both on and off the yoga mat.

Sophie has completed 1000 hours of teacher training at yoga schools in NYC (200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at YogaWorks, a 200-hour and two 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training at Yoga Shanti with Colleen Saidman & Rodney Yee) as well as completing additional trainings in Korea. As she learns more about yoga, she feels more humble as a teacher and student, but also realizes that it is the beauty of life to wander between not knowing and knowing.

In her classes, Sophie offers a mix of creative, playful, and safe sequencing while emphasizing proper alignment to help deepen her students’ practice. Her goal is to help her students nourish their bodies and minds from deep listening and compassion.

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