Jimmy Minardi

After 17 years of personal study in yoga and the accumulation of injuries from my Ashtanga practice, I decided to design and teach my own yoga class. I bring my expertise as a former professional athlete and a lifetime of physical fitness endeavors to every class. My influences are not only from inspired moments but from challenging ones as well. I am a 3rd degree brown belt in The Small Circle jujitsu school,( presently preparing for my Black Belt) and have been influenced, to mention a few, by Yip Man, Bruce Lee, Wing Chung, and Kung Fu. My yoga is influenced from Judith Lasater, Eric Schiffman, Beryl Bender Birch and my wife Jenna Minardi.

I love teaching and sharing. I feel that I have developed a system of teaching that will enhance ones life both physically bringing you to new levels of awareness and strength as well as spiritually empowering you to reach your personal goals. “No free lunch” “ Use it our lose It” “Breath and Balance”. This combination of life experiences is how I developed Surfer Yoga, a class that I have created that slows it down and emphasizes creating a strong physical and mental base while avoiding “ego injuries”.

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