Stephanie Livaccari

Stephanie first experienced the healing power of movement while leaping across a dance studio. Being 5 years old at the time, she was unaware of how profoundly this would impact her life and work. The need for movement – as a means to heal, release, express and communicate – became a natural part of her self and spirit. To have the opportunity to bring yoga into children’s lives and awaken this part of their spirit is deeply gratifying for her.

Stephanie first discovered yoga in 1996 and has been practicing ever since. Her interest truly deepened when she became pregnant with her daughter Miachesca in 2004. In the prenatal and kids classes at Yoga Shanti she observed the natural link between yoga and children. Watching them slither like snakes and jump like frogs around the studio, she was inspired to learn how to share this wonderful gift with others.

Stephanie is certified to teach children’s yoga through Neney’s Yoginis and through the Karma Kids studio in Manhattan. She is deeply grateful to Sheryl Hastalis, Ann Fristoe, Subhadra Fleming, Jessica Bellafatto and Colleen Saidman for their wisdom, support and encouragement. She brings a light-hearted and playful approach to each class and is an encouraging teacher who believes in a respect for all students . . . no matter the age.

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