Ashley McGee

Ashley is a graduate of Yoga Shanti’s 200-hour teacher training and has been practicing yoga for more than 12 years. She values yoga as a timeless pragmatic science and union of the physical, moral, mental, and spiritual well-being of humans. She is inspired by Yoga Shanti’s dedication to integrating eastern healing arts into the western medical paradigm and achieving precise anatomical alignment. Her classes integrate an Iyengar-based approach, vinyasa flow, meditation, inspiring (sometimes live) music, and spiritual philosophy. Ashley yearns to continue studying with the Yoga Shanti network for as much and for as long as she can.

Before becoming a yoga teacher, Ashley lived in NYC, acquiring 12+ years of experience spanning cultural institutions, global media companies, production studios, and the creative industry. She built most of her career at VICE as Global Account Director where she ran Intel’sCreators Project and Motherboard . She was Head of Business Development + Marketing at The FRONT , leading brand partnerships with companies such as National Geographic and Spotify. Ashley also served as Group Account Director at the Milk group.

After many years in the NYC hustle, she handed in her resignation and felt the calling to become a yoga teacher. Ashley currently resides near the beach in Montauk.

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