Alex McLaughlin

A native to Sag Harbor, Alex fled to New York City to pursue a degree in fashion at FIT. It was not long before she became exasperated by the endless whirlwind and began to search for more meaning. She knew that she needed to slow down and become more present. Her love of yoga and dedication to her own practice awakened a desire to further her study and humbly pursue the possibility of teaching. And once she began, there was no turning back!

Alex has received certifications from Sivananda, Jivamukti and most recently at Yoga Shanti, in a 10 month residency program. Blending the many traditions that she has studied, Alex brings flowing sequences, chanting and mindful instruction to all of her classes. She is grateful to all of her extraordinary teachers: Sharon Gannon and David Life, Manorama, Patricia Borrego, Mary Buffo, Jessica Bellofatto and Colleen Saidman, her family, as well as the many others who bring inspiration to her life daily.

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