Menna Olvera

Menna’s journey with yoga began in 1993 but it was not until she moved to New York City that her practice went from her mat into her life. After creating One Route Media, where she continues as executive producer, she went on to follow her dream of becoming a yoga teacher and an Urban Zen Integrative Yoga Therapist.

Following her own path she was led into Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, where she achieved 300 YRT in the study of vinyasa yoga, she continued her education with the Prenatal Yoga Center where she obtained her prenatal yoga certification and finally rounded out her training with 500 YRT with the prestigious Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program, founded by Donna Karan, along side Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee. Integrating modalities such as yoga, restorative yoga, reiki, essential oil therapy, and contemplative care helps her to design the right class to meet

The needs of all students with any ailments. Menna teaches the principles of self-care, meditation, and vinyasa yoga as a way to live a balanced joy-filled life.

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