Geoffrey Nimmer

Geoffrey discovered yoga while living in New York, working as a modern dancer, performing in New York City and around the world with the choreographers Lucinda Childs, Robert Wilson, and Joann Fregalette-Jansen. He started practicing at the Jivamukti Yoga Center while looking for an alternative to the routine of dance class. He was instantly attracted to the physicality of the yoga practice, and by way of some great teachers, he found the spiritual aspects of yoga sneaking up on him through the physical. This was in 1990, he has been practicing regularly since then.

Geoffrey has studied with diverse teachers such as; Mary Dunn, James Murphy, Rodney Yee, Dharma Mittra, R.P.S. Symbollah, Cyndi Lee, and Beryl Bender Birch. He moved to the east end of Long Island to pursuer a career as a garden designer, and discovered a vibrant yoga community there. He has been inspired by the teachings of Patricia Borrego, Corey Derosa, Stacey Platt, Colleen Saidman-Yee, Rodney Yee, and Beryl Bender Birch.

In 2003 Geoffrey was certified as a teacher through the Om Yoga Teacher Training program in NYC. In January of 2009, he traveled to Mysore, India to pursue his interest in Ashtanga yoga, studying at Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’s Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute.

As well as practicing and teaching, he continues to design gardens and marvels at the relationships between Yoga, the community, and the connection to the earth and all living things.

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