Joanna Sesny

Joanna discovered yoga in the mid 90’s while she trained for triathlons and marathons.  She used her practice to keep her injury-free but soon discovered the hidden benefits: peace of mind and ease of breath.  Marriage and three beautiful daughters later, Joanna left the corporate world for good to take her first 200HR teacher training under the guidance of  Colleen and Rodney.  She then continued to take 2 more 200HR’s  with Yoga Shanti and completed the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist program which entailed 300 hours of training and clinical rotations at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital Oncology unit.  In 2017, Joanna completed a year long Iyengar Teacher Training program with Nikki Costello and Lara Warren.  This was a turning point in her practicing and teaching.

Joanna has since been a lead mentor on the Yoga Shanti 200HR teacher training.  She also teaches beginner classes  and open level classes  both with strong alignment (her personal favorite is the Iyengar standing pose sequence) and spiritual connection.  You can often see her at Yoga Shanti practicing and/or helping check in students.

She is forever grateful to her teachers Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee for their unending support and encouragement.

Follow her on instagram @Joanna.sesny

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