Jenn Tardif

Jenn Tardif is a New York-based yoga and meditation teacher, an aromatherapist and the founder of 3rd Ritual.

Drawing from Taoist and Yogic philosophies alike, Jenn’s classes are a beautiful blend of effort and grace with an emphasis on thoughtful alignment and self-discovery. Jenn has led workshops and retreats across the globe and spearheaded wellness programs for several institutions and brands. In addition to private and group classes, Jenn mentors new and aspiring teachers as part of their 200hr and advanced certification.

Above all else Jenn is a devoted student of yoga and has been refining both her practice and offering under the guidance of master teachers Nikki Costello, Nevine Michaan, Ally Bogard, Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee. After experiencing firsthand and witnessing time and time again the magical effects yoga can have on our mental, spiritual and emotional well-being, Jenn is committed to sharing the teachings with anyone curious enough to learn more.

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