July 15-21, 2019

Level 2: Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) Intensive Training

With Colleen Saidman Yee, Rodney Yee, Keely Garfield, Jaqui Leviton, Tracy Griffiths and Lori Bower
In New York, NY

Studio: Yoga Shanti Tribeca in New York, NY

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About This Program

Learning To Serve: Taking your self-care and bringing it out into the world!

From the inner circles of our families to the outer rings of inter-relatedness in our lives, it is so necessary to spread the tools and effects  of self-care. In a world of epidemic suffering from stress, inequality, overwork, cruelty, aggression and war, it is imperative to teach moments of peace and relaxation. In level 2 of the UZIT training, we train the participants to reach out and serve from their quiet center that the UZIT practice helps them know. This training will introduce the application of UZIT to target the areas of health care facilities, corporations, educational institutes, yoga studios and one-on-one privates. Come join us for the continuation of your studies that further promotes your place in the revolution of Caring.


  1. In depth education in all modalities.
  2. Learn how to apply UZIT techniques in different settings, i.e. home, yoga classroom, health care facility, corporation, and educational institution
  3. Achieve Level 2 in all modalities


  1. Understanding the nuances of 10 fundamental restorative poses and learn how to modify for special needs.
  2. Begin an in depth Pranayama practice daily
  3. Learn anatomy of joints and how to articulate each one and in relationship to adjacent joint/s
  4. Learn how to sequence in bed movements according to PANIC
  5. Learn how to sequence restorative poses in relationship to PANIC
  6. Instill a deeper body awareness meditation and enhance a daily practice


  1. Learn all that is necessary for Reiki level 2
  2. Become level 2 certified

Essential Oil Therapy

  1. Become intimate with 10 oils and their relationship to PANIC
  2. Learn about blends
  3. Learn how to become an efficient distributor of YLEO
  4. Learn how to seamlessly integrate into UZIT class

Complementary Care

  1. Become competent at leading meditations
  2. Make meditation a part of your daily life
  3. Partake in another meditation retreat
  4. Learn how to weave meditation instructions into a UZIT class or session
  5. Deepen ability to listen without commentary or judgement

UZIT Integration

  1. Further integration into self care and family life
  2. Working in Health Care facilities (CareRite integration)
  3. Working in the schools (Harlem schools)
  4. Working in corporations (Google, Uber, WEWORK)
  5. Working with veterans
  6. Working UZIT privates


This application-based  program in is designed for individuals who have already completed the UZIT level 1 training.


Tuition for this UZIT Level 2 training is $1800.

How to Apply

Click here to register for this training. Please contact Joanna Sesny with any questions at joanna@yogashanti.com.

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