October 23 – December 18, 2019

Anatomy Academy Workshop Series

With Gina Cunningham

Location: Tribeca
Time: 7:45pm–9:15pm
Level: Open (all students welcome)
Details: Select Wednesdays (CE for Yoga Alliance: 1.5 contact hours per workshop)
Cost: $20 cash at the door

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Join Gina Cunningham for a series of workshops focused on yoga asana through the lens of the anatomy of the whole body.  These fun interactive workshops, a balance of lecture and play, will feature a theme that will form the foundation of an exploration. Discussion topics will include bones, muscles, joints, bodily systems as well as common conditions and anatomical variances often encountered in yoga classes. The workshops, taken as a series or individually, are appropriate for yoga teachers, student-teachers and anyone else who is curious about the body and movement. CEs for Yoga Alliance: 1.5 contact hours per workshop. $20 cash at the door.

Wednesday, October 23rd, 7:45-9:15pm

Arches of the Feet

Practicing yoga without focusing on the feet can be like driving in a car without checking the pressure of the tires. During this workshop we will look at how the structures of the feet support the entire body and how yoga asana directly supports our foundation, our feet.

Wednesday, November 20th, 7:45-9:15pm

Open Hips or Balanced Hips?

“My hips are tight”. Every yoga teacher has heard this from their students. Many of us have felt this in our own bodies. Often, the offered antidote to tightness is stretching and opening. But is this the most skillful course of action? During this workshop we will look at the hip structures and how creating a balance of strength and mobility can create a feeling of stability throughout the entire body.

Wednesday, December 18th, 7:45-9:15 pm

Arm Balances

Spoiler alert: it’s not just about the arms! The practice of arm balancing can create strength and confidence. And yet, these complex shapes are often elusive for many practioners. During this workshop we will look at the structures of the upper extremities and how these structures related to the rest of the body. Understanding the integrated wholeness of the body is the key to unlocking the door to this powerful and fun group of asanas.

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