Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Asana Tug-Of-War

With Richard Rosen

Location: Sag Harbor
Level: Open (all students welcome)
Cost: $75

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If there’s one children’s game the practice of asana could be compared to, it just might be, strange as it may seem, the tug-of-war. Anytime we move some part of ourselves in one direction to perform a posture, there must be some other part “tugging” or moving in the opposite direction. A good example of this is Warrior: when we bend the front knee, the straight back leg must resist the movement to stabilize and strengthen the posture. This is just one simple example among many possibilities that involve the legs, arms, and torso.

This asana tug-of-war includes not only physical movements but imaginary actions as well. The prime example here is the spine, our central axis. Ideally, the image we apply to it in everything we do, whether on or off the mat, can be summarized in a kind of “mantra,” which is, up-the-front and down-the-back. This image helps maintain its maximum length no matter what the posture (and no matter what we do as we go about our day), and so provide for its overall safety and health.

This workshop will cover the basics of the asana tug-of-war in standing and floor postures, in inversions, and in sitting for conscious breathing (pranayama) and meditation.

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