Saturday, December 22, 2018

Compassion in Everyday Life: A Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

With David Nichtern

Location: Sag Harbor
Time: 2:45pm–4:45pm
Level: Open (all students welcome)
Cost: $40

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We are excited to welcome back David Nichtern as he explores compassion training in our meditation practice and everyday living.  It’s a timely workshop when, in the spirit of the holidays, we  strive to have a little more love and compassion! David will address:

  • Personal / Intimate Relationships – For some of us, this could be our greatest challenge – that person closest to us – how to find the dharma in the swirling mists of love and marriage.
  • Family – How can these people, who look so much like us and bring out our deepest feelings of love and connection, be so completely annoying? It’s a mystery, right? We can learn so much about ourselves by studying our own family’s reality TV show?
  • Work – For many of us, we will spend more time at work in our lives than anywhere else, including with our spouse, our family, even sleeping and eating! Bringing wisdom and compassion into our workplace is profound and important.
  • Community & Society–  A decent human society in which trust in our basic goodness is the foundation – is this a pipe dream or a real possibility?

Workshop Includes meditation instruction and practice, lecture and discussion. 

David Nichtern is a senior meditation teacher in the lineage of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.  David has been the Director of Karme Choling Meditation Center in Vermont (USA), Director of Buddhist Studies and Practice at OM Yoga Center, and Director of he Los Angeles Dharmadhatu Meditation Center. He teaches meditation workshops and teacher training programs online and around the world.  His book “Awakening From The Daydream: The Wheel of Life” was released by  Wisdom Publications in October 2016.   David is also an Emmy winning, Grammy-nominated composer, guitarist and producer, writer of the classic song “Midnight at the Oasis” and producer and guitarist for kirtan powerhouse, Krishna Das.  For more info visit:

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