Friday, November 2, 2018

Standing on Your Own Two Feet

With Kari Harendorf

Location: Tribeca
Time: 1:45pm–3:45pm
Level: Open (all students welcome)
Cost: $60

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The foot forms our foundation and is the only structure in our body that has evolved with the sole purpose (pun intended) to be in relationship with the earth. How do you meet the ground? The way in which you stand has mirroring effects on the entire body. Are you in right relationship with the earth? What is your habitual stance in daily life? Which leg holds ground better? Come and see how your psychological footing affects your yoga practice and learn how working with one, will change the other. This workshop is partly lecture, but mostly experiential, with exercises to open up all the joints and spaces in the feet. You will meet the ground, perhaps, in a whole new way, and find greater stability, ease and support in your yoga practice.

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