Sunday, November 5, 2017

Embody Your Life: Good Mood+Happy Food

With Joyce Levy and Kendra Peterson

Location: Tribeca
Level: Open (all students welcome)
Cost: $50, includes chef Kendra Peterson's e-recipe book

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Join dear friends and long time collaborators Joyce and Kendra, for an afternoon of deep practice, nutritious discourse, and happy recipes.

Joyce will share an open level class that is infused with insights into the food body (annamaya kosha). The class will benefit healthy digestion, and students will be given a copy of the sequence to take home with them. To follow, chef Kendra Peterson will dish up ways that students can drizzle alchemizing ingredients into their daily meals, and why our mood matters when it comes to eating. There will be time for Q&A while you enjoy some prepared treats from Chef Kendra’s cookbook, and sip on her adaptogenic matcha mylk.

Kendra Peterson is a natural foods chef in Chicago, IL. She owns Drizzle Kitchen, which provides customized meals for clients who range from families with life-threatening food allergies to couples managing chemotherapy treatments. Her primary goal is to ensure her clients are eating safe and healing foods that are also delicious and nutritious. Happiness is one of her most important culinary tools and she is known to giggle plenty in the kitchen!

Entry includes a copy of chef Kendra Peterson’s e-recipe book, Drizzle Kitchen Favorites: Happy Foods for Every Body and Every Allergy.

Embodying Your Life is an ongoing exploration of the relationship between your body and your life. Join Joyce Levy, and her friends, one Sunday a month to explore the relationship between your body, and your life. Together we will consider how the body is made from the outside-in, and from the inside-out. How does our food, the breath, and what we read affect our bodies? How do our thoughts, our ancestors, and our deepest reservoirs of intuition and creativity affect our bodies? Each meeting will involve a practice, and a new lens to look through, to improve the relationship we have with our one, whole, complex, magnificent body.

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