Saturday, September 28, 2019

Head to Heart: Biodynamic Breathwork

With Isabelle Delgrange

Location: Tribeca
Time: 1:00pm–3:30pm EST
Level: Open (all students welcome)
Cost: $40

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Prepare to experience transcending the mind through an open heart, to reach within the profound layers of your memory cells and emotional intelligence, therefore re-awakening your true nature. This powerful modality has remarkable effects on self-confidence, self-awareness and self-acceptance. Transcendence gives you access to the higher universal consciousness, allowing your individual expression and a state of unity so that you can reach your full human “Divine Potential”. Breathe and unlock the true potential that is you.

In this 2.5 hour guided workshop experience, we will be using BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release Method to activate the body’s own healing ability and access altered states of consciousness through breath, movement, sound, touch and body awareness techniques. This method will help you move dense energy to release physical, energetic and emotional blocks and drop into your body more deeply and completely.

This workshop is ideal for people who are curious, or who are aware, of how chronic tension exists in their bodies and are ready to explore and release it. After the workshop participants will feel more energy, more range of motion, more freedom and ready to move forward! Join Isabelle Delgrange for a liberating experience!

Benefits of BioDynamic Breathwork

• Release chronic tension from the body
• Release stored traumas, stress & anxiety
• Regulate your nervous system to cope better with challenging situations
• Access chronic body armoring
• Let go of limiting patterns & beliefs
• Remove energetic blocks & free up energy
• Open up the breath for a higher oxygen intake and circulation for greater vitality
• Increase capability to feel
• Learn to move blocked energy in your body

This is how you can benefit from the workshop by removing physical and energetic blocks:

• Increase your ability to stay present
• Be more conscious, aware and mindful
• Connect with one self, your needs & our environment in everyday life
• Free yourself from negative self-image and beliefs
• Release chronic tensions and eliminate physical pain
• Regulate your nervous system and the ability to deal with triggering situations in your life
• Connect with your authentic being to live with greater joy and peace.

What is BioDynamic Breathwork or BBTRS?

BioDynamic Breath work & Trauma Release System®  (BBTRS®) is a new approach to body-oriented therapy. It is founded on a careful combination of specific breathing patterns with therapeutic conscious movement and dance, specialized touch and bodywork techniques, tension release and trauma release exercises, gentle emotional release, creative use of sound and meditation. This profound system is designed to break through the many layers of body armoring thus releasing mental, emotional and physical tension to the core level.

BBTRS® Uses the Following Six Elements

1. Breath: guided deep connected breath work to charge and activate the body
2. Movement: somatic movement exercises to release held energy in the body. This may include fascial opening, core tension release, and therapeutic movement/dance
3. Sound: vibrations from vocalization, music and instruments to support the nervous system in tension release
4. Conscious Touch: use of pressure points and physical assists in breath movement applied with sensitivity to increase awareness and support energy flow
5. Emotion: soft emotional release can be a part of the session, but not a goal. With support you will be encouraged to stay present with emotion and to return to your own sense of comfort when needed.
6. Meditation: resting state for the body and mind to absorb the benefits of all the work put into releasing chronic tension and prepare for self-healing.

Contraindications: Please consult with your physician and call us to make sure this workshop is safe for you if you have any of the following conditions: pregnancy
, heavy asthma
, severe heart and cardiovascular disease, very high blood pressure
, mental illness or disorder, epilepsy and history of seizures
, acute physical injuries
, severe diabetes
, intoxication, you are a under the age of 16

Isabelle Delgrange is an 800-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher since 2012 and received her training under the mentorship of teacher Ruth Lauer Manenti. Currently in training with BBTRS she offers private and group sessions at her studio in the Catskills. Isabelle practices and teaches various styles of yoga as well as qiqong and shamanic meditations. Her journey started at the age of 9 in France being exposed to group meditation and improvisation dance, she then followed her path to dancing. Isabelle moved to New York in 1988 and currently resides in upstate NY in the Western Catskills. She travels to further her education and knowledge so she can be of service to others in their personal growth, self development and empowerment. She is very grateful to all of her teachers who constantly show her a new light into the expression of the self.

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