February 26-28, 2019

Intro to the Advanced Study of Yoga

With Rodney Yee

Location: Tribeca
Level: Intermediate
Cost: $60 per session

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Breath Work, Pranayama and Asana

Tuesday, February 26th, 1:30-3:30pm
What is the difference and similarities between breath and prana? How do these practices interrelate with asana practice? We will practice asana, pranayama and meditation to answer these questions. This study will enhance your personal practice and evolve your teaching skills.

Knees, Ankles, Hip Joints, Shoulders, Elbows and Wrists

Wednesday, February 27th, 1:45-3:45pm
We will study basic coordination and alignment of the joints of the arms and legs. We will discover how this foundation and understanding is the beginning of basic yoga therapeutics. Asana and pose observation will be utilized.

Alignment During Flow Yoga

Thursday, February 28th, 1:30-3:30pm
What are the most important alignment points to teach and observe during a flow class? How do we teach or practice them without interrupting the rhythm and yet create a safe practice? How does alignment feel and how can we refine this listening and communication?

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