Karen M. Meyer

Karen M. Meyer is a teacher, adventurer and practitioner of the healing arts. Having worked with Special Education students in Stonybrook, she then moved to New York City and worked in the fast-past world of real estate. A forever student of yoga, Karen followed her passion to India and landed at the feet of the Dalai Lama. This experience completely changed her life and she continued to travel extensively in Thailand, Bali and Cambodia, experiencing the universal language of love. She returned to New York City and founded Moonheart Healing Arts Center—a refuge for others to find wholeness, peace and clarity. Karen practices Polarity, is a Reiki Master and a yoga teacher. She is also an InterSpirtual minister and spiritual life coach. She is an Urban Zen instructor at Yoga Shanti and also conducts classes for Therapeutic Yoga for cancer patients.

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Free Will

April, 2019

Free Will… Is it a blessing or a curse? It is said that inherent in being human, setting us apart from other living creatures, is a phenomenon called “free will”. And so…

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