Leah Kinney

Born and raised in Montauk, Leah has a deep appreciation and love for the East End of Long Island. A regular teacher at Yoga Shanti Sag Harbor—and a mentor in the Yoga Shanti Teacher Training program, Leah is so pleased to be sharing and participating in the practice of yoga within this community.

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December, 2015

When I was six years old, I loved the balance beam. I felt so proud of myself, and brave, when I walked across without falling. One summer, my dad made me a balance beam…

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The Yoga of Curious George

February, 2014

I have a four-year-old son, so I read a lot of Curious George. Nearly every book begins with the lines, “This is George. George was a good little monkey and always very c…

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Profound Attention

June, 2012

Over the weekend, my husband put in a new kitchen door. The new door is all glass, whereas the old door was only half glass. Now, during the endless cycle of loading and…

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Bhakti Yoga

February, 2010

At first glance, the loftiness of bhakti can seem overwhelming. However, at its base, bhakti is simply devotion initiated by and steeped in love. Bhakti’s loved fueled de…

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Identity, Sheaths of Being, And Truth (Kosas)

October, 2008

In preparation for writing this month’s focus, I made a list. I wrote down all of my identities, the different roles that I play and identifying characteristics. It was a…

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Grounding—Standing Firm Upon the Earth

March, 2008

Somewhere between San Francisco and Chicago I lean over my sleeping neighbor, crane my neck and peer out of the window hoping to catch a glimpse of the Rocky Mountains. I…

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