Steve Eaton

Steven Eaton was introduced to the yoga asana practice at a young age by his mother. He began to deepen his personal practice while studying music at Princeton, and started teaching his friends and fellow students there. After traveling to India in 2008, he began leading kirtan and accompanying yoga classes with his meditative musical style. In 2010, after completing the Yoga Shanti Teacher Training, he began teaching at Yoga Shanti Sag Harbor. He now lives on Shelter Island with his partner and young daughter.

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Atman. Where Is My Heart?

March, 2013

Recently, I’ve found myself in a confusing place. I used to spend much of my time “listening to my own heart” and “serving my heart”—or what I thought of as my heart. I’d…

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The Perfect Light

January, 2011

Farming a piece of land is an incredible illustration of living in harmony with the natural cycles of the earth. The land is now in a state of dormancy. The hard frosts a…

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October, 2009

being in music is like being in love or riding a wave or seeing a field of sunflowers disappear into Montauk mist on a mid September morning where all that’s left is a fe…

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