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The Gift of Surrender

August, 2017

In June, I signed on to do a 10-day yoga retreat in Ladakh, India, led by Nikki Costello. This was to be my very first retreat, and the days leading up to it were fraught…

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The Power of Vulnerability

October, 2016

Boo! This October, we’re inquiring into what scares you? What makes you feel vulnerable? Although we may not like the feeling of being exposed for having weaknesses, it i…

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May the Force Be With You

August, 2016

Dear Friends, If you’ve been to class with Colleen and Rodney lately, you’ve probably heard them say, “Don’t Force.” What a great instruction to consider for August! The…

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Falling and Catching

July, 2016

Dear Friends, We hope your 4th of July weekend was festive, and a break from routine. These moments when we travel, celebrate, and indulge can actually be a key ingredien…

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