Heather Lilleston

Heather is a Yoga Shanti-trained teacher, an advanced Jivamukti yoga teacher, and co-founder of Yoga For Bad People. She currently lives in the tropical island oasis of Manhattan, traveling to cold cities worldwide to teach retreats. You can find her at Yoga Shanti Sag and NYC, Yoga Vida NYC, and Love Yoga, Montauk.

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You Are Ready

May, 2014

In December of 1997, a young woman named Julia Hill, climbed into a 180-foot tall, roughly 1500-year-old California Redwood tree for 738 days until December of 1999. Juli…

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Concentration. Absorption. Happiness.

June, 2010

One of the main goals of the yoga practice is to develop ones concentration, known in Sanskrit as dharana. Through a keen narrowing in on a single point of focus, the flu…

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Embracing Impermanence

June, 2009

Impermanence is something we usually prefer to avoid facing. We like when things are settled and dependable. We like to know that when we come home it is how we left it,…

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