Kendra Peterson

Kendra Peterson is a natural food chef in Chicago, IL. She owns Drizzle Kitchen, which provides customized meals for clients who range from families with life-threatening food allergies to couples managing chemotherapy treatments to individuals who want uber clean food. Her primary goal is to ensure her clients are eating safe and healing foods that are also delicious and nutritious. She is also the food and nutrition contributor to Salveo retreats and workshops. Salveo hosts monthly events showing people how to align their mind, body and spirit holistically. Happiness is one of Kendra’s most important culinary tools and she is known to giggle plenty in and out of the kitchen!

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Creating A Happy Kitchen

November, 2017

Happy, joyful, centered, mindful—these are some of my favorite words. They guide me through my days and help me keep my head on straight! They’re also words that weave th…

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