Sarah Halweil

Sarah Halweil is a graduate of the 2004 Yoga Shanti Teacher Training Program. She graduated from the University of Colorado in Latin American Studies and Environmental Science, and Georgetown University in Nursing. She is also a graduate of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) Program, and is the clinical coordinator for the Urban Zen program at Southampton hospital.

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February, 2018

For the most part, I love my life. Sure, I go back and forth on what could have been or what might be. But incessant worrying about past decisions can lead to feelings of…

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Life and Death and the Art of Presence

November, 2015

Life is passing too quickly and, frankly, it makes me anxious. According to Richard Rosen, one of the age-old purposes of yoga, which predates many of the modern shapes t…

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Helping Hands

November, 2013

Have you ever practiced yoga in a hospital bed? Yoga teachers in our community—those trained as Urban Zen Integrative Therapists (UZITs), that is—have been helping patien…

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Finding Peace

August, 2012

Sometimes I am annoyed by much around me. I say things that could be offensive, and then regret it. I wonder why I even left the house. (“I love mankind—” the American ca…

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Connect and Disconnect

August, 2010

I recently heard an interview with author, William Powers, about his new book Hamlet’s Blackberry. He researched historical innovations such as the printing press that di…

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Ahimsa and Mindful Eating

November, 2008

The argument for nonviolent eating often gets simplified into 2 categories: “vegetarian” and “meat eater”. But, as I have learned through 18 years of being a vegetarian a…

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Sustaining; Maintaining Your Seat (Asana)

July, 2008

The Yoga Sutras define asana as the posture that brings comfort and steadiness. Sounds simple enough, right? The only problem is the challenges of everyday life, both phy…

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January, 2008

Winter is a time of old growth passing so that new growth can take form. Trees shed leaves and gardens have ripened most of their fruit. Corn stalks and potato vines that…

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