Tracey Toomey McQuade

Tracey Toomey McQuade is a writer and yogi who loves to bridge the gap between the ancient practices of yoga and life in the present moment. A founder of Breathe Repeat she's passionate about helping her fellow Modern Yogis "put a little east in their west."

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Found and Lost

August, 2017

I hate losing things. I still mourn the loss of a white sundress that went missing on my honeymoon, and a pair of pink Gucci sunglasses that the ocean swallowed one Fourt…

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It’s Hard To Be A Beginner

September, 2016

My two-year-old son, John Michael, was overwhelmed yesterday, during his first day of school. I kept looking around at the environment and seeing so many things that he l…

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Your Perfect Offering

June, 2015

“Turn my sorrow into treasured gold…” – Adele, “Rolling in the Deep” While scrolling through Instagram recently, I found an image of a beautiful pottery bowl. It was the…

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Bare Your Soles

July, 2013

Last Friday night, I assisted Colleen and Rodney as they taught a yoga class to over 4,000 people in Times Square. Before the big event, lots of logistical emails were ex…

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