“Colleen and Rodney gave their hearts and souls to the students. Even with the amount of collective years they have been teaching, there was both a fresh and playful approach and a warmth that transcended the screen each and every time they taught. The mentors were kind and provided unconditional support, so that question was left unanswered. I completed their 300hr TT in June and enrolled this 200hr to more deeply embody the basics of Shanti methodology and to continue my connection with the family that C&R seamlessly create. The training provided practical elements for newer teachers, and endless jumping off points for people with experience. I teach Prenatal, Trauma-Informed, Yin and Open level Vinyasa classes. As a direct result of Shanti trainings my confidence as a teacher and the clarity and quality of all my varied offerings continues to improve. I would highly recommend this program for any Yoga teacher, new or experienced.”

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