“I had been contemplating this program for a long time. Having been on Yoga Shanti’s mailing list for many years, I kept seeing the emails for teacher training come and go. It was never the right time for me. Although I had let my physical practice go, I had been meditating daily for several years. My mind was finally ready, so I signed up! The program is rigorous. It challenges you on ALL levels. There were days when I was exhausted, I would wake up with Sanskrit words swimming in my head. Fortunately, we had an amazing, supportive group. We each held space for one another and encouraged each other to keep going. When it came time for our final assignments, we were all ready to share our gifts. I will never forget this experience, everything I learned, my teachers, my mentors, my friends. Now that I can authentically call myself a yoga teacher, I realize that despite all I’ve learned, I know nothing… I will continue to learn forever. Namaste.”

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