“Rodney, Colleen and all the mentors are so amazing and so supportive. It was an incredible experience that left me wanting to know more and dive deeper into my yoga practice.”


“I am forever deeply grateful for this experience. It has changed me and will continue to be incorporated into my very being.”


“The Yoga Shanti 200hr Teacher Training was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my journey of self. The curriculum, mentorship and technical set-up were thoughtfully and thoroughly planned out which provided for a professional and educational setting for learning. I particularly appreciated the open and safe environment fostered by Rodney, Colleen and all of our wonderful mentors who consistently exhibited a high standard of respect and inclusion for all of the participating students. Coming out of the program I’m left feeling even more curious and excited about yoga than when I entered.”


“The sophistication of this program was impressive. The curriculum was vast and deep. The student experience was excellent and well managed. The technical coordination allowed for both virtual and in-person participation and made it easy, creating intimacy for 28 people around the world! I felt and enjoyed a sense of community. This felt like a college class given the sophistication of the material, testing, and homework. I not only learned but I grew in strength, spirit and gained a stronger understanding of yoga.”


“Ya’ll are most wonderful humans to learn from. I have never felt more supported, loved and uncomfortable (in a good way) than I did during this training!”


“The breadth of the Yoga Shanti 200-hour program both deepened my personal practice and inspired me to learn more about aspects of yoga that I did not know I would be interested in. Yoga Shanti did an excellent job of creating intimacy during this hybrid training that offered both virtual and in-person training. This program made accessible so many aspects of yoga I had not previously explored. I feel better physically, mentally, and intellectually after completing this teacher training. I look forward to continuing to explore and learn with them.”

S.Van Fleet

“The depth of knowledge I gained during this yoga teacher training was vast! Yoga Shanti’s style is one that far supersedes other methods of yoga that I’ve tried. Their method and philosophy taught us how to create a class that honors the human body, in a way that is sustainable for all of our bodies until we reach the age of 95! Or better ;-)”


“The Yoga Shanti 200-Hour Teacher Training program is super nice! Colleen and Rodney are wise and share all their knowledge generously with their students.”


“I feel Yoga Shanti’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is a rare combination of profoundly experienced (celebrated) and yet most humble instructors (Yogis), high-quality content, true to yogic philosophy, exceptional mentorship, and tech support, professionally delivered, in a timely manner and in a safe and respectful environment. It truly was a transformational experience.”


“I had been contemplating this program for a long time. Having been on Yoga Shanti’s mailing list for many years, I kept seeing the emails for teacher training come and go. It was never the right time for me. Although I had let my physical practice go, I had been meditating daily for several years. My mind was finally ready, so I signed up! The program is rigorous. It challenges you on ALL levels. There were days when I was exhausted, I would wake up with Sanskrit words swimming in my head. Fortunately, we had an amazing, supportive group. We each held space for one another and encouraged each other to keep going. When it came time for our final assignments, we were all ready to share our gifts. I will never forget this experience, everything I learned, my teachers, my mentors, my friends. Now that I can authentically call myself a yoga teacher, I realize that despite all I’ve learned, I know nothing… I will continue to learn forever. Namaste.”