Joyce Englander Levy

A lifelong writer, dancer, and athlete, Joyce Levy, found Yoga at the age of 17, and it met all of her needs. As a co-founder of Yoga Shanti NYC, Joyce is grateful for the opportunity support the wonderful community of teachers and students who come to practice at YSNY. As a small business owner, wife, mother of two small children, writer, and friend Joyce has continued to dive into her Yoga practice for wisdom, support, health, mental and emotional clarity, and spiritual connection. She is committed to empowering the Yoga students who take class and training with her to become leaders, and live as their highest self.

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Align, Flow, and Inquire

June, 2017

Yoga Shanti’s aim is “to offer the perfect combination of alignment, flow, and Inquiry.” In the spirit of inquiry, I often find myself reconsidering what this phrase mean…

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The Realm Of The Beginner

September, 2017

“September feels like a beginning—even more so than January,” Jenny Hudak says, smiling. It’s true—it’s a fresh start after a long, hot blast of a summer. In the spirit o…

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An Interview with Richard Rosen

August, 2015

What brings you to Yoga Shanti? Well, you invited me. I enjoy coming to Yoga Shanti. It’s a beautiful place. I find the students very receptive, which makes teaching much…

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An Interview with Patricia Sullivan

June, 2015

I had the privilege of speaking with one of Rodney’s first teachers, Patricia Sullivan, last week while she was still glowing from a recent trip to Hawaii. Patricia is go…

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Role Models

July, 2014

I went to visit one of my dearest friends in the hospital the other day. (We met the day I moved to NYC. I taught him yoga, and he taught me New York.) We spent the after…

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August Practice

August, 2013

One of the many reasons I have fallen head-over-heels for yoga is that it makes clear for me the relationship between what can be seen and what cannot. It shows me how th…

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Know Thyself (Svadhyaya)

September, 2012

We ran into Socrates the other day—you know, virtually—and he said, “Know thyself.” Turns out Socrates was a yogi. “Knowing oneself,” or svadhyaya, is one of the foundati…

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