Welcome To Shanti Sequences

Although there’s nothing better than studying with your favorite Shanti teachers in a roomful of friends, having a daily practice is really the goal. In fact, as Shanti teachers it’s our duty to encourage all our students to have a home practice. With a home practice the things that you learn from your classes can be further explored on your own time. In the spirit of practicing at home, and staying connected, we are launching a new project: #shantisequences

Come to the 12:00 class at YSNY with Joyce Englander Levy on Wednesday, February 2nd and Monday, February 8th to try the sequence. Jamie Lugo will also be teaching it in her 12:00 class on Friday, February 5th.

Follow us on Instagram @theyogashanti to receive a new sequence each month. Day-by-day we will give you insight into the pose of the day or the sequence as a whole. Hashtag your photos or videos with #shantisequences so we can check out your moves!

This month Surya Yantrasana was the inspiration for our sequence. It is a complex, but uplifting posture. It means compass, or sundial pose. It’s interesting to think of a compass as a tool for navigation. Perhaps spending time with this asana will metaphorically help you to be a better navigator in your life. Only time can tell…


You can see that the full version of the pose comes on day 22 of this month. You will find a modified version of Surya Yantrasana on Day 17, which is accessible for everyone! It takes out most of the complexity of the pose, but still you can experience the essence of Surya Yantrasana. It is a seated, open twist, but some of the things that make the pose complex are what is required of the hips, hamstrings, torso, and shoulders. In this sequence we spend the first 9 days preparing the hips, hamstrings, torso, and shoulders, and then on day 10 we begin to climb a spiral staircase towards Surya Yantrasana with open twist after open twist. When practicing this way you never have to force. Approach each pose with ease, breath, and attention, and see how the sequence affects you. After reaching our peak pose, we finish our journey with a few centering, uplifting & symmetrical poses.

Please look at this sequence as inspiration. Practice within reason. If you are new to self-practice take it slow. Only try what you feel comfortable with. Never push or force anything. The only one who has to walk around with your body for the rest of your life is you. So be mindful, be kind, be smart. You are the driver. We are the inspiration. Remember to end your practices with savasana. We can’t wait to see and hear how you enjoy these sequences.

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