“I was originally hesitant to sign up for this course knowing that it would be virtual and concerned that I would not have the hands on or 1:1 experience I would look for from a yoga teacher training. Ultimately I signed up for the opportunity to learn from Colleen and Rodney in any capacity as I admired them both. After the first day of training I realized I was worried for no reason. Everyone from Colleen and Rodney to the mentors to the assistant mentors made the whole experience personal, saw and were able to talk to individuals, and interacted with everyone in unique ways. It was amazing how quickly we were able to connect and became a close knit group who supported each other. After a year of lockdowns and isolation it was so special to have a group of people we could all bond and learn with and teachers who understood where we were and what we needed. I would recommend this training to everyone who has ever thought about wanting to learn more about yoga, wanting to teach yoga, or just needs a physical and emotional outlet after a hard year.This training was a true journey emotionally, physically, and mentally that I will always remember. I am a better yogi and person for having taken this course.”

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