“I thoroughly enjoyed YS 200-hour teacher training conducted virtually during Covid-19. The curriculum combined a perfect balance of asana practice, sequencing, anatomy, history of yoga and social justice issues in a supportive, holistic environment. Through comprehensive homework assignments we dug deep into the classic texts, learned the architecture and healthy sequencing of poses and reflected on how classic yoga concepts are relevant to our modern lives. Weekly sessions with excellent mentors, study group partners and buddies complimented our packed weekends together. What surprised me most was how intimate the training was, conducted via zoom. I highly recommend YS TT for anyone looking to deepen their practice. I liked it so much that I’ve signed up for 300 hour TT.”


“I was originally hesitant to sign up for this course knowing that it would be virtual and concerned that I would not have the hands on or 1:1 experience I would look for from a yoga teacher training. Ultimately I signed up for the opportunity to learn from Colleen and Rodney in any capacity as I admired them both. After the first day of training I realized I was worried for no reason. Everyone from Colleen and Rodney to the mentors to the assistant mentors made the whole experience personal, saw and were able to talk to individuals, and interacted with everyone in unique ways. It was amazing how quickly we were able to connect and became a close knit group who supported each other. After a year of lockdowns and isolation it was so special to have a group of people we could all bond and learn with and teachers who understood where we were and what we needed. I would recommend this training to everyone who has ever thought about wanting to learn more about yoga, wanting to teach yoga, or just needs a physical and emotional outlet after a hard year.This training was a true journey emotionally, physically, and mentally that I will always remember. I am a better yogi and person for having taken this course.”

A. Modesto

“My goal for taking the 200-hour YTT course with Yoga Shanti was to deepen my practice so that I know for myself that I’m doing the poses correctly. I’ve been practicing yoga since I was a teenager. I’m 60+ now. I’ve taken classes whenever and wherever I could. I never really studied yoga but I’ve paid attention to form, alignment and breath in classes. This course was what I expected and so much more. It is definitely rigorous, so come prepared to study and write short papers. You practice and learn the asanas in depth. You will write about them, talk about them, perform them, explain them and teach them—but that’s just the beginning. You will delve into the history and philosophy of yoga and learn a lot about the anatomy of your body including pranayama and body awareness. You will make discoveries about your body and how to teach all levels of asanas. You will also become part of a like-minded community of yogis. I especially loved the virtual platform. It enabled me to fully participate in the training from my remote location with Colleen and Rodney who are master teachers and yogis. You will not be disappointed, I promise. Plus there is an amazing mentoring and support network from Yoga Shanti. For me, this course was a rich, in-depth and rewarding experience.”


“Colleen and Rodney helped me to achieve a level of understanding and confidence that I never thought was possible, both in my personal practice and my teaching. I attribute this to their wisdom as yogis and teachers combined with their expert knowledge of all yogic principles…I can’t wait until my next training!”


“I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to sign up for a virtual teacher training with Colleen and Rodney! I’ve waited years to find the right training and to have access to two incredible teachers I trust. The program was comprehensive, challenging and transformative! The virtual platform was effective in conveying important information and interacting with the teachers and peers. I created relationships and friendships with people from all over the world I otherwise wouldn’t have in a training program locally. This training also included unlimited access to all of the Yoga Shanti classes on Union. Taking classes from other Yoga Shanti teachers helped deepen and reinforce what I was learning during my training. But more importantly, this program felt safe, we had a lot of fun, and the teachers and mentors are all nurturing and encouraging. I’m impressed with how far I’ve come as a beginner yoga student and excited to participate in the next advanced yoga shanti teacher training.”


“This course was one of the most profound investments I have ever made. Colleen and Rodneys knowledge, passion and willingness to share, teach and grow with us in our knowledge of an ancient practice were a once in a lifetime gift.”


“Colleen and Rodney gave their hearts and souls to the students. Even with the amount of collective years they have been teaching, there was both a fresh and playful approach and a warmth that transcended the screen each and every time they taught. The mentors were kind and provided unconditional support, so that question was left unanswered. I completed their 300hr TT in June and enrolled this 200hr to more deeply embody the basics of Shanti methodology and to continue my connection with the family that C&R seamlessly create. The training provided practical elements for newer teachers, and endless jumping off points for people with experience. I teach Prenatal, Trauma-Informed, Yin and Open level Vinyasa classes. As a direct result of Shanti trainings my confidence as a teacher and the clarity and quality of all my varied offerings continues to improve. I would highly recommend this program for any Yoga teacher, new or experienced.”


“Absolutely was a wonderful program! Would have never had known that it was an inaugural session as the mentors and Francesca that worked behind the scenes (along with Rodney and Colleen) made it look like it had been conducted many many times before. Loved the commitment of time, attention and insight that Rodney and Colleen gave to this training – their insight and words of wisdom were invaluable. I was so honored to have such seasoned, famous Yogis guiding us trainees. The mentors and Francesca working behind the scenes were so nurturing, so supportive, it didn’t matter if you were a very experienced Yoga practitioner or a new trainee, they accepted and respected you along the way. Can’t say enough positive things about them or the program in general. This program is way worth the investment! You will grow both spiritually and physically!”


“YTT200 Virtual was my saving grace during the pandemic. I have always been a yoga student but was intrigued by the opportunity to take a deep dive into the practice. Little did I know the world to which I would become privy. From Rodney and Colleen’s colossal knowledge in asana practice, philosophical teachings, understanding of yoga’s arrival to the West, to lessons in anatomy, physiology social justice, deities, chants and all aspects of this peaceful, accepting world. Supported by a group of young, enthusiastic professionals, Yoga Shanti created a new community of yogis who will forever be united by this experience. Thank you so much! Couldn’t recommend this program enough.”


“I hope that everyone who is curious about going deeper in the study of yoga has the chance to take this training, and I recommend it to everyone. It has given me ideas to think about for the rest of my life, and really a new way of being in my own life. Thank you!”