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Love Is All There Is

February, 2017

Dear Yoga, How long have we been at it, you and me? I’m not really sure. Let’s say forever. I remember thinking how weird you were before we actually met. You looked kind…

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Snapshot From the Map of Love

September, 2015

Son #1 left for a new college last week. Today I’m on the Cross Sound Ferry issuing Son #2 back to school in Maine, where he will complete his senior year of high school…

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June, 2014

We all use our five senses to experience and navigate through the world around us. But in order to gain “right relationship” with the world and our highest selves, yogis…

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December, 2012

My mother loved all holidays but she was especially good at making Christmas an extraordinary event. In the nights leading up to the big day, before going to sleep, my si…

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Oh Vivid Love

February, 2012

Can you fall headlong into your beingness? What would it take today and everyday to look again and again at what you are? Go deep into the fabric of your humanness and yo…

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April, 2010

Being is relaxed. Our deepest self, highest self, essential self, however you want to say it, is relaxed. Not collapsed. Relaxed, open, flowing with life force. All the b…

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Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

April, 2009

Tadasana, mountain pose, the primary standing posture. Stand tall, legs together, spine erect, arms at your sides. That’s it. Tadasana may not seem super challenging, but…

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