By Rodney Yee, May, 2018

So, you feel like the bad weather is following you around and you just can’t get a ray of the sun. It’s time to check your horoscope and see a Shaman and get active in shaking the shadows or maybe it is time to hide and wait out the storm. Are these lessons for you to uncloak the diamond soul or just random events that keep turning up sour. Who knows? Who knows?

This is the time your asana practice is supposed to kick in and turn lemons into juice. It would work if you could only get out of the lethargy that the turn of events is manifesting. Sad, dejected, lifeless and beaten, you sit unable to lift a finger and even your cat smells the stink and won’t keep you company. Bad attracts bad and an endless cycle of rotten is at hand. There at the bottom, sinking now, in your own despair, you are left with a heartbeat and a breath. A rhythm and a miracle has not abandoned you yet. That beat and that breath is quite magnificent, especially at the bottom of this isolated infinity. Dare you be hopeful? To hope sometimes provides a light but it is often a cliff in which you fall again and again. So why not stay with the pulse and the wind, over and over. Do you feel your heart and your lungs? They are the call of the wild and, for a split second, they are able to give you a relief from your monkey mind. In a day, approximately 20,000 times, you breath in and out and have 90,000 beats of your heart. So many chances you are given to land your mind, your heart and your soul into the moment by moment arising phenomenon. Even a couple of times a day, this dropping into the inner exquisite workings of the body can bend the corners of your mouth skyward and save you from only seeing the doom and gloom.

Practice this tuning in and listening daily and, when the chips are down, it might just save your life.

Rodney Yee

Rodney is a world-renowned yoga teacher who started practicing yoga in 1980. He has been in over thirty yoga videos, and is the author of two books, including Moving Toward Balance. Along with his wife, Colleen Saidman Yee, he is the co-director of Heath and Wellness Initiative of the Urban Zen Foundation, Donna Karan’s project to change the healthcare paradigm to include complementary healthcare practices. He has been teaching at Colleen's studio, Yoga Shanti Sag Harbor, for several years, and is one of the founding members of Yoga Shanti New York.

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