The Best ‘Tude

By Ally Bogard, March, 2017

Research has shown that cultivating a feeling of gratitude creates happier, healthier states of being. If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to generate more appreciation, begin incorporating gratitude practices throughout your day. You’re at your most receptive state of awareness at the end of a regular yoga practice, so why not set your timer for another two minutes and begin to think of people, situations, and events that easily evoke a feeling of gratitude? After reflecting on what you’re grateful for, notice how the energy of that gratitude feels in your body.

Throughout your day, when you find yourself stuck in negative thought patterns, take a moment to generate a list of what there is to be grateful for in your life. Continue with the list until you feel the energy of your body shift. For an added boost, find gratitude for challenging people and situations, and watch how masterfully you can shift your mental and physical state of being.

Ally Bogard

For the past ten years, Ally has led classes, retreats, alignment immersions, and 200/500 hour teacher trainings for dedicated students and teachers throughout the land. Co-owner of Canadian-based school, Gaiatri Yoga she teaches with an emphasis on thoughtful alignment and sequencing to allow the physical and energetic body to hold and emit higher frequencies of light and power.

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