FAQs About Our 200Hr YTT

Who is the Yoga Shanti  200Hr YTT designed for?

The program is designed for students who might want to teach someday, established yoga teachers, and those who just want to deepen their practice (the majority). The structure and curriculum make it so that both complete beginners and advanced teachers can benefit from the training. Those new to yoga gain an exceptional understanding of the fundamentals of the practice, including asana (the physical practice), pranayama (breathwork), philosophical teachings (the “8 Limbs of Yoga”) and access to an incredibly supportive community and network of potential life-long friends (if you so choose)! It’s a great way to launch your journey into yoga. Advanced teachers get to revisit these topics to enhance their established practice and replenish their reservoir of knowledge. Many of our students retake the training more than once because it’s so rich, comprehensive, and importantly—it’s fun! One-on-one Mentor sessions ensure each student gets what they need out of the program.

Do I have to be an expert yogi, super flexible and strong to participate?

No. There is no requirement to be able to perform every pose. In fact, during training, we learn alternative poses that offer similar benefits. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, including those with varying physical abilities. We’ve had fully pregnant students, 17-year-olds, 70+ year olds, those recovering from double mastectomies, knee injuries, and in various stages of life transitions. If you have a question about whether the training is right for you, contact us at training@yogashanti.com and we can explore your situation. Maybe the training is perfect for you, but the timing isn’t right. Or maybe it is 🙂

How much time do I have to commit and do I have to attend every single session at the scheduled time?

We do require that you attend at least 80% of the program at the scheduled time, either online or in person. However, if you have a commitment that you can’t reschedule, or something comes up mid-training that requires you to miss a session here or there, we do have recordings of everything so you can catch up by watching those between training weekends. In addition to the scheduled 5-Day Immersion and 6 Weekend sessions, students are required to attend weekly Group Mentor Sessions on Tuesdays throughout training. These happen at 12:30pm and 7:00pm every Tuesday and you can choose each week which time you prefer to attend. If you miss one here or there, you can watch the recording to catch up. As for homework, students have told us they spend approximately 3 hours per week studying. This obviously varies from person to person.

I’d like to attend online, but I’m worried it won’t be worth it and I should wait to do it in person. What are your thoughts?

One silver lining that we gleaned from the recent quarantine was being forced to put our training online. This turned out to be an amazing blessing and we couldn’t be more grateful. Please read these student testimonials to hear what students have to say about their experiences. Students from all over the United States and beyond (from Botswana to Hawaii to New Zealand and the UK) make life-long friends. The community that is formed during the training is carried beyond graduation. The support between students and Mentors is deep, strong and authentic. We can sincerely say that the overwhelming answer is yes! It’s totally worth it. Obviously attending in person has benefits as well, but if that is not possible for you, taking it online is a wonderful option.

What is the cost of tuition and what does it include?

Tuition for our Winter/Spring 2022 program is $2660 and includes all training sessions, unlimited online (or in-person) yoga classes for the duration of the program, 2 one-on-one Mentor sessions per month with your designated Mentor, and a ton of support and encouragement throughout. Additional costs include books and props. You can review the reading list here. (A 3-month payment plan is available.)

Feedback from Our Recent Graduates!

“I remember reading the positive testimonials when I impulsively joined the training a week out, and everything they said was true! I did the 200hr digitally on Zoom and it transformed my bedroom into a sanctuary of self study, self realization and connectedness to the world outside the window. Rodney and Colleen, and your incredible mentors are entirely present for you – their genuine focused attention taught me life lessons that I take with me now into the journey beyond. I left the training feeling wide awake to the world, to the details of my life, the opportunity of each moment. No matter the reason for joining, you will tap into the essence of your being and begin to find your own unique answer to the great question, ‘what is the true nature of reality?’ You’ll leave with a pocket full of tools for falling in love with yourself — in the joyous, humble way 😉 ” – A.Haas

“I had been contemplating this program for a long time. Having been on Yoga Shanti’s mailing list for many years, I kept seeing the emails for teacher training come and go. It was never the right time for me. Although I had let my physical practice go, I had been meditating daily for several years. My mind was finally ready, so I signed up! The program is rigorous. It challenges you on ALL levels. There were days when I was exhausted, I would wake up with Sanskrit words swimming in my head. Fortunately, we had an amazing, supportive group. We each held space for one another and encouraged each other to keep going. When it came time for our final assignments, we were all ready to share our gifts. I will never forget this experience, everything I learned, my teachers, my mentors, my friends. Now that I can authentically call myself a yoga teacher, I realize that despite all I’ve learned, I know nothing… I will continue to learn forever. Namaste.” – P.Ochoa

“The Yoga Shanti teacher 200 hour teacher training blew my mind. Rodney and Colleen are passionate, dedicated, particular, down to earth, warm and funny. The Shanti system is exceptional. The content of the program is extremely in-depth, rich, profound and rigorous. The course structure is precise, exacting, organized and ultra supportive. The support staff is amazing: the head mentors and assistant mentors were always helpful, reassuring and supportive. The technical support person, Francesca is wonderful and always available to problem solve, even in the moment. The anatomy and history lecturers were incredibly knowledgeable and fascinating. In spite of being mostly online with an in-person option, our student group formed a really tight bond and our little community is planning to stay in touch going forward via our training chat on What’s App. I highly recommend this training!” – C.Amini

“The 200-Hour Yoga Shanti Teacher Training nourishes the mind and the body during the 3-month journey. The teaching is phenomenal, with the focus on anatomy, healing, and sequencing. The spiritual teaching includes wonderful readings, meditation, and pranayama. There is a strong framework of support from Rodney and Colleen, the Mentors, and the other students. I learned a whole lot about the nuts and bolts of teaching a yoga class. I also came away with some valuable insights and tools for living life.” – E.Gordon

“The depth of knowledge I gained during this yoga teacher training was vast! Yoga Shanti’s style is one that far supersedes other methods of yoga that I’ve tried. Their method and philosophy taught us how to create a class that honors the human body, in a way that is sustainable for all of our bodies until we reach the age of 95! Or better ;-)” – S.Van Fleet

“I was originally hesitant to sign up for this course knowing that it would be virtual and concerned that I would not have the hands on or 1:1 experience I would look for from a yoga teacher training. Ultimately I signed up for the opportunity to learn from Colleen and Rodney in any capacity as I admired them both. After the first day of training I realized I was worried for no reason. Everyone from Colleen and Rodney to the mentors to the assistant mentors made the whole experience personal, saw and were able to talk to individuals, and interacted with everyone in unique ways. It was amazing how quickly we were able to connect and became a close knit group who supported each other. After a year of lockdowns and isolation it was so special to have a group of people we could all bond and learn with and teachers who understood where we were and what we needed. I would recommend this training to everyone who has ever thought about wanting to learn more about yoga, wanting to teach yoga, or just needs a physical and emotional outlet after a hard year.This training was a true journey emotionally, physically, and mentally that I will always remember. I am a better yogi and person for having taken this course.” – C.Clifford

“After 20 years of practicing yoga on both coasts and yearning to do yoga teacher training amidst having two kids and balancing family, work and life, I finally took this step in my journey with Yoga Shanti in search of a program that would expose me to all aspects of yoga in its purest form. It was important to me to learn from deeply knowledgeable and experienced teachers who would delve into alignment, philosophy, history and the union of mind, body and spirit… And quite frankly, Rodney & Colleen blew my mind. I couldn’t have hoped for more incredible teachers, as they each brought their own style, humility and wisdom to our trainings. I am deeply grateful to have had such access to these two giant minds in the world of yoga, and to say that the rest of the Shanti mentors, assistants and staff is top notch, would be an understatement. If there was a samadhi of YTT’s, Yoga Shanti is it. Do it. You will learn about yourself and grow in ways you never imagined! ” – J.Hibarger

Read more testimonials

Spring Mentorship Program

Re-Launching This Spring!

March 9-June 12, 2022

After a hiatus, we are excited to relaunch the Yoga Shanti Mentorship Program (YSMP) this Spring — now available fully online with the option of in-person Mentor sessions. The YSMP Program takes place over the course of 12 weeks and is designed to bridge the gap between graduating from a 200HR yoga teacher training program and diving into teaching public classes. You will meet with your fellow mentees for eleven evening workshops focused on topics ranging from philosophy and planning a dharma talk, to functional anatomy, and teaching private clients in person and online. You will spend lots of one-on-one  time with your mentor deepening your knowledge of sequencing and developing teaching skills. At the culmination of the program, you will have accrued 46 (CE) hours, honed your personal teaching style, and developed the confidence to share your love of yoga with the world. Students who complete the program also get access to ongoing benefits at Yoga Shanti. This program will be accepting applications from January 26th!

Program Format

Together with your cohort of aspiring teachers you will explore a range of topics as they relate to yoga and teaching private or group classes in 11 online evening workshops that take place on select Wednesdays and Sundays this Spring (see dates below). A nurturing and supportive atmosphere is encouraged through the duration of the program and through additional regular private one-on-one sessions with your seasoned mentor, you will have the opportunities to ask direct questions for private feedback. Your teaching will be reviewed on a regular basis. There will be homework allocated prior to each module requiring an approximate time investment of 3 hours each.

Meet Your Mentors

Seamus Tyson grew up splitting his time in between New York City and the East End of Long Island. He continues to enjoy this balance between city and costal life today. Prior to teaching yoga, Seamus worked primarily as a Recording Engineer. Starting as a Front of House Sound Mixer for a nationally touring band, then progressing into Studio Recording/ Editing/Mixing, then eventually landing in Television Production. Seamus’s first introduction to yoga was an Ashtanga yoga class in North Carolina in the late 90’s. After his first class he was hooked. He since has spent time in the full spectrum of yoga disciplines, all leading to his primary love for Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Read more…

Sandy Sperou found the importance of maintaining a regular yoga practice as a former Wall Street floor trader on the New York Stock Exchange. She loved the way it brought a sense of peace into her mental space after hectic days on the trading floor. This spiritual component is still is what Sandy values most about her yoga practice today. A graduate of the Yoga Shanti 200 hr Teacher Training, she continues to study under her teachers Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee. Her thoughtful and fun classes feature signature Yoga Shanti sequencing with an emphasis on maintaining a healthy spine and creating spacious joints. Read more…


  • Manual Adjustments: Seamus Tyson & Sandy Sperou
  • Sequencing and Class Planning: Seamus Tyson
  • Philosophy Topic Goes Here: Linda Cassidy
  • Philosophy Topic Goes Here: Linda Cassidy
  • Yama and Niyama in the Modern World: Sandy Sperou
  • Anatomy Topic Goes Here: Joe Miller
  • Anatomy Topic Goes Here: Joe Miller
  • Functional Anatomy in Relation to Asana Postures: Seamus Tyson
  • Teaching Private Clients, In-Person & Online: Seamus Tyson & Sandy Sperou
  • Cultivating, Planning, and Delivering your Dharma Talk: Sandy Sperou
  • Gather and Closing Ceremony: Seamus Tyson & Sandy Sperou

Requirements & Opportunities

All participants are required to:

  • Attend all scheduled online workshops in the program in real-time, with your fellow participants
  • Cultivate a consistent weekly home asana, meditation, and breath awareness practice
  • Attend the monthly Yoga Shanti Gold Sessions with Colleen Saidman Yee & Rodney Yee (the third Sunday of every month @ 5:30pm EST).
  • Take your Mentor’s weekly online Yoga Shanti class, either live or on-demand*
  • Take 8 Yoga Shanti Zoom classes with designated teachers before completion of the program*
  • Take 9 Yoga Shanti classes with Colleen and/or Rodney before completion of the program*
  • Take a minimum of 4 of fellow participant’s online classes before completion of the program
  • Schedule 7 One-on-one 60-minute meetings with your mentor on Zoom or in person.
  • Schedule one 30-minute Philosophy session with Linda Cassidy via Zoom.
  • Independently offer & teach a weekly class (11 weeks in total) and submit recordings of seven (7) of these to your Mentor for review and feedback. (6 of these will be publicized to all Yoga Shanti YTT graduates)
  • Complete 7 homework assignments in a timely manner as they are given throughout the training (@ approx 3-hour time investment each)

* fee waived for these online Yoga Shanti classes

Teaching Yoga Shanti public Community classes: There will also be a set number of opportunities to teach Community classes online for Yoga Shanti. These will be allocated on a rotating roster. If we have more students than there are weeks in the Program (12), this opportunity will be extended beyond the end date for students who did not teach at least one public Community class for Yoga Shanti.

Participants will also have the option of making their weekly class available for past Yoga Shanti YTT graduates to attend. These will be published on a private schedule not accessible to the public.

Program Dates

  • Wednesday, March 9th: 7:00-8:30pm EST
  • Sunday, March 20th:
  • Wednesday, March 23rd: 7:00-8:30pm EST
  • Wednesday, April 6: 7:00-8:30pm EST
  • Sunday, April 17th:
  • Wednesday, April 20th: 7:00-8:30pm EST
  • Wednesday, May 4th: 7:00-8:30pm EST
  • Sunday, May 15th: 5:30-6:30pm EST (Yoga Shanti Gold with Colleen & Rodney)
  • Wednesday, May 18th: 7:00-8:30pm EST
  • Sunday, May 22nd: 7:00-8:30pm EST
  • Wednesday, June 1st: 7:00-8:30pm EST
  • Sunday, June 12th: 7:00-8:30pm EST

Additional Benefits

  • Accrual of 46 (CE) hours (approximate – need to get these hours correct.)
  • Development and honing of your personal teaching style
  • A lifestime discount of 30% for unlimited online yoga with Yoga Shanti. Currently $108  for monthly unlimited online yoga with no minimum commitment (as opposed to $170). SHANTI BENEFIT
  • 12 free weekly online classes with your Mentor S&S BONE
  • 9 free online classes with Colleen and/or Rodney during the Program SHANTI BONE
  • 10 free Zoom classes with Yoga Shanti after completion of the program (nontransferable with strict 6-month expiration) SHANTI BONE
  • Three follow-up 30-minute sessions with your mentor (strict 1-year expiration) S&S BONE
  • 3 in-person class passes with Yoga Shanti (strict 18-month expiration) SHANTI BONE


Applicants must have graduated from an accredited 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training program within the last 3 years and attend a short Zoom meeting with their chosen mentor (Seamus Tyson or Sandy Sperou) prior to acceptance. Spaces are limited and acceptance is decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on the pool of applicants. Preference will be given to recent graduates of Yoga Shanti’s 200Hr YTT program. Applicants must also agree to commit to becoming proficient in hosting and recording their online Zoom classes.


The cost of participating in this program is $1450. A personal Zoom account is also a requirement and costs approximately $15 per month over the course of the program. Contact us to discuss options for monthly payment plans. Payment plans must be established prior to February 15th. A one-time $50 processing fee will apply to all payment plans.

Cancelation & Withdrawal Policy: Space is limited and your payment secures your spot in the Program. The full cost of the Program is non-refundable and non-transferable from February 15th onwards with no exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be certified with the Yoga Alliance? No, but you must have completed a 200Hr Yoga Teacher-Training program that is accredited by Yoga Alliance and show proof of graduation.

I have a 200-hour YTT certificate, but I completed my training more than 3 years ago. Do I qualify to apply? Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. If you have been maintaining your education with CE credits, an Advanced 300hr YTT, or have maintained a regular publicly taught class, there is the possibility you may still be accepted into this program. Contact us to discuss this.

Will I receive free yoga with Yoga Shanti for the duration of this program? Not unlimited classes. The free classes included in the cost of this program are listed in the Additional Benefits section above.

Do the dates from this program overlap with the Yoga Shanti 200Hr Spring/Winter YTT? Answer goes here.

Do the dates from this program overlap with the upcoming Yoga Shanti 300Hr Advanced YTT? Answer goes here.

Do the dates from this program overlap with the upcoming Yoga Shanti Integrative Therapy modules (previously, UZIT)? Answer goes here.

What happens if something comes up that prevents me from completing the program? In such an instance you will lose your investment. We ask all participants to commit for the duration of the program for a cohesive group experience as we progress through the modules. No refunds will be given for students who drop out of the program at any time. Tuition can also not be exchanged for Yoga Shanti services.

CareRite Staff

A Special Offer for CareRite Essential Healthcare Workers

Yoga Shanti is offering a special deal only to CareRite staff members for your service as essential healthcare workers: unlimited online classes for $50 per month! A drop-in online class is $15, so you will break even by taking one class each week every month. We offer daily online classes for every level of student from beginner to advanced and many classes are added each week to our library of on-demand classes. This means that you can either join our online classes “live” at their scheduled time or take a class whenever the time suits you!

To sign up for this special offer, please complete the form below and allow 48 hours for us to process your request. You will need to upload a screenshot of your CareRite ID. Once approved, we will send you a Welcome email that includes your special discount code along with information about our studio and the types of classes we offer. Your discount code will be valid until December 1st, 2022 at which point you will need to reapply for the offer. We encourage you to sign up and look forward to welcoming you to Yoga Shanti!

CareRite Discount Request Form

Level of yoga experience(Required)
Max. file size: 256 MB.


Unlimited Gift Card Activation

Welcome to Yoga Shanti! If you’ve received a gift card for unlimited yoga classes, please use this form to activate your card. You will need to provide us with a preferred date for activation (this will be the day your pass will start). Please make sure this date is at least 48 hours from today to give us time to set you up properly. Once we set you up, we’ll send you a Welcome email with information about your account, how to sign up for classes, and our studio policies.

Important Note: If you have received a gift card for unlimited in-person yoga, this can NOT be activated in our peak season between May 1st and August 31st. For this reason they have an extra-long expiration date of 18 months. (Gift cards for unlimited online classes can be activated on any date.)

Unlimited Gift Card Activation

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Select the date on which you would like your one-month unlimited pass to begin. Be sure to select a date that is at least 48 hours from today to allow us time to process your request. Note that gift cards for unlimited IN-PERSON passes can NOT be activated between May 1st and August 31st. Gift cards for unlimited ONLINE classes can be activated on any date.
Do you already have an account with us in Union?(Required)

Yoga Shanti Gift Cards

Activate an unlimited yoga gift card you have received

Purchase a Gift Card for Someone

Select any of the passes below to send as a gift to someone you love. You can choose to have the recipient notified by email immediately or at a select future date of your choice. Please review the information below to familiarize yourself with the simple steps necessary to send a Yoga Shanti gift card.
If you need help, please email us with your phone number and we will contact you to guide you through the process.

Step 1. Choose a Gift

Select a gift below to add to your cart. You will need to create your own Union account during this process if you do not have one already, even if you are just buying a gift for someone else. (To gift any of our monthly subscriptions, please contact us by email.)

1 In-Person Class: $35

5 In-Person Classes: $165

10 In-Person Classes: $310

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Available until 12.20.23 Only.

HOLIDAY OFFER: 20 In-Person Classes: $500

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

One Month of Unlimited In-Person & Online Yoga: $299

Two Months of Unlimited In-Person & Online Yoga: $598

1 Livestream Class: $15

10 Livestream Classes: $140

One Month of Unlimited Online Yoga: $170

Two Months of Unlimited Online Yoga: $340

GIFT: 200HR Yoga Teacher Training: $2360

$100 Yoga Shanti Gift Card

$200 Yoga Shanti Gift Card

$600 Yoga Shanti Gift Card

$1000 Yoga Shanti Gift Card

Step 2. Check the “Add gift options” Checkbox

Once you select to add any of the above passes to your cart, (and have logged into Union), you will be presented with a screen that looks similar to the image below. At this stage, be sure to select the checkbox next to “Add gift options” (outlined in the aqua box) so that you can enter your gift recipient’s details in the next step.

Step 3. Enter Gift Recipient’s Details

As you progress to the checkout, you will be asked to enter the full name and email address of your gift recipient, as well as a short personal note, and to select the date on which the gift notification should be emailed to them. If you do not select a future date they will be notified immediately. The screen will look similar to the image below.

Optional: Purchase Multiple Gifts at the Same Time!

If you added multiple passes to your cart, then the screen will show gift options for each individual pass so that you can choose to gift passes to several people.

Optional: Physical Gift Card Request

Once you have completed the steps above, if you chose to send the gift to your recipient immediately they will have already received a notification of their gift direct email from Union. If you chose a future date and would like to give the recipient a physical Yoga Shanti gift card, please use the form below to request we send one out in the First class mail within 48 hours to you or directly to the recipient. You will need to have your Union order receipt number from your gift purchase handy when you complete this form (found on your email receipt):

Prices & Subscriptions

In-Person Class Passes

Cancellation Policy: We have a strict 24hr cancellation policy for in-person classes. You can cancel yourself out of a class from your Registrations page in Union (My Account > Registrations) so long as it’s outside of the 24-hour window. Thereafter you will lose your class credit if you cannot attend for any reason. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Single IN-PERSON Class


Valid for one in-person class at Yoga Shanti studio. Valid for 6 months.

Purchase Pass

5 IN-PERSON Classes


Valid for five (5) in-person classes at Yoga Shanti studio. Valid for 6 months.

Purchase Pass

10 IN-PERSON Classes


Valid for ten (10) in-person classes at Yoga Shanti studio. Valid for 6 months.

Purchase Pass

20 IN-PERSON Classes


Valid for twenty (20) in-person classes at Yoga Shanti studio. Valid for 6 months.

Purchase Pass

Beginner’s Club Subscription (HYBRID)


A monthly pass that gives you IN-PERSON & ONLINE access to five 11:00am (EST) weekday classes each week (4 Beginner and 1 Shanti Open Level)**. Auto-renews monthly. Cancel any time. 


Gold Subscription (HYBRID)


Access to unlimited IN-PERSON and ONLINE classes each month**. Auto-renews monthly. Cancel any time.


Online Class Passes

New Students: 7 Days of FREE unlimited online classes! Contact us for this offer

Single ONLINE Class


Valid for one online class with Yoga Shanti. Includes on-demand Replays. Valid for 6 months.

Purchase Pass

10 ONLINE Classes


Valid for ten (10) online classes with Yoga Shanti. Includes on-demand Replays. Valid for 6 months.

Purchase Pass

Dedicated Yogi Subscription


Access to twelve (12) ONLINE classes/Replays (with 24hr access) each month with any teacher**. Auto-renews monthly. Cancel any time.


The Practice Subscription


Access to four (4) ONLINE classes/Replays (with 24hr access) with Colleen or Rodney each month**. Auto-renews monthly. Cancel any time.


Gold Subscription (ONLINE)


Access to unlimited ONLINE classes/Replays (with 24hr access) each month with any teacher**. Auto-renews monthly. Cancel any time.


Useful Information About Classes

Types of Attendance

In-Person Classes at the studio
In-person classes must be pre-registered online in advance through Union. We also have a 24hr cancellation policy for in-person classes. You can cancel yourself out of classes from your Registrations page in your Union account so long as it’s outside of the 24hr window. If you do not cancel and do not attend, you will lose your class credit. Please take a moment to review our studio policies relating to Covid-19 and for precautions we are taking to keep us all safe!

Livestream Classes
Livestream classes (listed as “Streaming” on the schedule) can be attended live at the scheduled time and/or are also  available to restream (so long as we had no technical issues) for 24 hours after the class ends via the Registrations page in your Union account (My Account > Registrations > Past). Tip: If you know you cannot attend the class at the scheduled time and are unsure if you will be able to take the class within 24 hours after it ends, then you may prefer to wait until the class is over and instead find it in our Replay library to play on-demand when you are ready. During Livestream classes, you can see the teacher but the teacher cannot see you.

ZOOM Classes
Classes listed as ZOOM Sessions must be attended at the scheduled time as these classes are not typically available for automatic restreaming. If you miss the class you will lose your credit. During a Zoom class, the teacher can see you in your camera is on. You are welcome to practice without your camera turned on, but its preferable (and better for the teacher) if they can see you.

On-Demand Replays
We are building a library of many classes that you can choose to play on-demand when the time suits you. Please visit our Replay library to choose a class. Once purchased, Replays are available for 24hrs and can be accessed from your Replay History page in Union (My Account > Replay History).

How to Register for Classes

You can sign up for classes either from the schedule page on our website or directly via our schedule page on Union. If you do not already have an account with Union you will be asked to create one during the registration process. (Note that you will need to purchase separate credits for in-person vs online classes as the passes are not interchangeable unless you have a hybrid subscription.) To log into your Union account at any time visit union.fit (notice the domain is .fit and not .com). Here are some examples of how the various class types will display on our schedule:

Often, a class will be available for more than one type of attendance. When you click the “Register” button to sign up for a class, you will be presented with the available options for attendance:

How to Join or Cancel Online Classes

Once you are logged into Union, you can see all your upcoming classes by clicking the My Registrations link (A). Here, your upcoming classes will be listed in the order by which they are scheduled to occur. If the class is a Livestream or ZOOM class a “Join” link (B) will appear shortly before the class is about to begin. Click this link to access the live class currently in session. You can also click a link to join the session directly from the email receipt you received when you registered for the class, but you may find visiting your Registrations page easier than sifting through emails in your inbox.

You can also cancel a class directly from your Registrations page by clicking the small down arrow (C) and clicking the “Cancel(C) link that appears as a dropdown option. Click on PAST (D) to view a list of your past registrations or to access the restream feature for Livestream classes. Restreams are typically available for 24 hours after the class ends. (We have a strict 24-hour cancelation policy for in-person classes.)

Getting Support

Usually the fastest way to get support with any problems you are having with your Union account is to contact their support team via the chat feature on the Union website. You can access this by clicking the speech bubble icon in the lower right corner of the Union website (see image below) or by clicking “Support” in the main menu and then “Chat“. Alternatively please email sagharbor@yogashanti.com, but be aware that we may not be able to respond immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I want to cancel a Livestream subscription?
You can cancel a subscription at any time from within your Union account. To do so, log into your account and click on ‘My Account” in the top right corner of the page, and then click “Passes“. Here you will see all of your valid passes and subscriptions. To cancel a subscription, simply click on the red trash can icon that appears next to the pass. Once you cancel, any remaining credits will still remain valid during your subscription period, which means you can cancel well in advance to avoid forgetting. (See images below.)

Can I attend ZOOM classes with the Dedicated Yogi or the Gold Livestream subscriptions?
Yes you can! Unlike the regular Livestream classes though, these must be attended at the scheduled time as they are not typically available for restream after the class ends. If you miss a Zoom class that you registered for, you will lose your credit.

I enjoy watching the Replays on demand. How can I tell which classes I’ve already taken?
Once logged into your Union account, click on “My Account” in the top right corner of the page and then click “Replay History” to see a list of Replays you have already watched on-demand.

Do you have a question? Please email it to sagharbor@yogashanti.com and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

Technical Recommendations

We have compiled these technical recommendations from feedback provided by our graduate students. Please know that we have had students complete our entire livestream training using only their smartphone, and while we would recommend at least a slightly larger screen, it’s entirely possible to participate without if you have no other option. There is absolutely no requirement to go and purchase any additional hardware or equipment than what you have already — these are just suggestions.

External Monitor / TV

If you have the ability to view the training sessions on a larger screen, this can greatly enhance your experience of watching the instructors and viewing the Zoom galleries to see your classmates. Most smartphones, laptops, and tablets can be connected to a larger monitor or even your TV using an HDMI cable. You may also need to purchase an adapter for your device.


This is probably our topmost tip: Lots of students have found that AirPods or similar Bluetooth headphones are useful during training, both for maintaining privacy in your surroundings and for clearer and louder audio. If privacy is not a concern, external speakers can also be helpful. Things to keep in mind:

  • Check that any Bluetooth earpods you purchase have enough charge time. Training sessions can last up to 3.5 hours.
  • If purchasing Bluetooth external speakers, check that they do not have any delay as oftentimes these speakers are meant to play music and you will otherwise experience a very slight (but extremely annoying) couple of seconds delay when watching movies or listening to your instructors speak on the screen. This can be overcome if the external speakers have the capacity to be hardwired to your device instead of via Bluetooth.


It’s best if you position your lighting source (room light, lightbox, light ring, window etc.) behind the camera pointed toward you. (Lighting from behind you instead can cause a silhouette effect and makes it very hard for us to see you clearly.) Several students purchased light rings or light stands to great benefit. Strongly recommended was the Neewer Ring Light Kit, although much cheaper options were also found to be well worthwhile.

Good lighting can increase the quality of your picture more than you might expect and oftentimes improves picture quality more than purchasing a better webcam.


Some students chose to utilize an external webcam rather than their device’s built-in camera. This allows more flexibility to position the camera better without the limitations of it being attached to the same device you need to view. Some USB camera options on Amazon:

Alternatively, Use your Smartphone/Mobile Device with EpocCam
This apps can easily be downloaded onto your smartphone. You will also need to install it onto your desktop or laptop computer. If you are a Mac user this can be done very easily using AirDrop and you will be prompted to do this during installation. Once you have the app installed on both devices, then any time you are using the ZOOM application on your computer (for example, during YTT sessions) you can easily switch between which camera ZOOM connects to with a simple click in ZOOM. This way, you can permanently set up your iPhone so that it captures a good view of your well-lit practice space, while using your computer’s built-in camera for when the camera needs to be focused just on your face 🙂 (Note: students have experienced some issues with this app so we recommend downloading the paid version as opposed to the free one, and testing it out a few times before training begins to see how it works for you.)

Wireless Mouse

A Bluetooth mouse can be helpful for muting and unmuting yourself during Zoom sessions if you are using an external monitor or have your device positioned far at the end of your mat during training.

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